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# The Obsidian Door I walk to the obsidian wall nestled deep in the forest. It's black sharp clean sheen looked out of place here in this wooded jungle. Around it was a clearing where no tree dared to touch. The grass near it was excited and moved, as if possessed. I'm not one to believe in auras, but if there was an aura around the door it would have exuded warning of the mythical forces at work here. My fellow students at the Caltech AI program were all studying and build AIs, but I went a different path. Inventing AI was hard. Discovering AI, now that was something different entirely. I approach the obsidian door and place my hand on it. It is cool to the touch on this crisp spring morning. Suddenly a voice speaks from within the door: "Do you seek knowledge?" "Yes." I reply. The door opens and I enter.

The Obsidian Door

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